Why Do We Fall Ill MCQ

Why Do We Fall Ill MCQ – Objective questions Chapter 13 Science class 9

Which organ detoxifies the toxins that we get from various food materials?

  • a. Heart
  • b.  Lung
  • c. Liver
  • d. Kidneys

c. Liver
Liver is the major detoxifying organ. It convert toxic material present in the food into less toxic or non-toxic and easily excretable forms.

Toxin will accumulate into the body if this organ stop working:

  • a. Heart
  • b.  Lung
  • c. Liver
  • d. Kidneys

d. Kidneys
Liver detoxifies the toxin and kidneys excrete it outside. IF kidneys fail, toxin will start accumulating inside the body.

Which of the following is not a communicable disease?

  • a. Polio
  • b. Typhoid
  • c. Tuberculosis
  • d. Diabetes
d. Diabetes

Typhoid spreads through

  • a. Hand contact
  • b. Contaminated water
  • c. Air
  • d. None
b. Contaminated water

Cause of peptic ulcer is:

  • a. Helicobacter pylori
  • b. Lactobacillus
  • c. E. coli
  • d. Salmonella typhi
a. Helicobacter pylori 

Tetanus is caused by which bacterium?

  • a. Salmonella typhi
  • b. Clostridium tetatni
  • c. E. coli
  • d. Helicobacter pylori
b. Clostridium tetatni 

Which protozoan cause Kala-azar?

  • a. Leishmania
  • b. Plasmodium
  • c. Trypanosoma
  • d. None

a. Leishmania
Kala-azar is a debiliating disease characterized by high fever and darkening of skin. It is caused by leishmania .

African sleeping sickness is caused by

  • a. Leishmania
  • b. Plasmodium
  • c. Trypanosoma
  • d. None

c. Trypanosoma
In african sleeping sickness, this parasite invade to the brain and spinal cord and change the sleep patter. Tsetse fly (pronunced as c-c fly) is a vector. 

Acne is caused by

  • a. E. coli
  • b. Salmonella
  • c. Staphylocci
  • d. Helicobactor
c. Staphylocci 

Which of the following disease do not spread through air

  • a. Cold and cough
  • b. Tuberculosis
  • c. Pneumonia
  • d. Typhoid
d. Typhoid

HIV donot transmit through

  • a. Use of infected needle
  • b. Hand shake
  • c. Sexual contact with infected person
  • d. Use of infected blood
Why Do We Fall Ill MCQ
Methods of transmission of communicable diseases.
b. Hand shake

Following is not a sexually transmitted disease

  • a. Gonorrhoea
  • b. Syphilis
  • c. HIV
  • d. Tuberculosis
d. Tuberculosis

First vaccine discovered was

  • a. BCG vaccine
  • b. Tetanus vaccine
  • c. Small pox vaccine
  • d. Hepatitis vaccine

b. Tetanus vaccine
First vaccine was discoved by Adward Jenner. He found out that milk man with cows having cow pox never catch small pox. He extracted some cow fluid and injected the formulation to his child. Through this his child became immune to small pox. In latin cow means ‘Vacca’ so vaccine name came into existence

Viral vaccines are hard to make because:

  • a. Viruses are too small to for experiment
  • b. Viruses have very few machinery and they use host machinery
  • c. Viruses are neither dead nor living
  • d. All of the above
b. Viruses have very few machineries and they use host machinary

The first antibiotic discovered was

  • a. Penicillin
  • b. Streptomycin
  • c. Tetracycline
  • d. Neomycin

a. Penicillin
Alexander fFlemming first oberved that some strains of Penicillium donot let other fungus grow. This antibiotic was usefull in bacterial infection in wounds and saved lakhs of soldiers in world war.

Which of the following is not a mosquito born disease?

  • a. Kala – azar
  • b.  Dengue
  • c. Malaria
  • d. TB
d. TB


MCQ Class 9

Why Do We Fall Ill MCQ – Objective questions Chapter 13 Science class 9


Ref: Chapter 13, NCERT.

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