Sources of Energy MCQ Objective questions

Sources of Energy MCQ Objective questions Class 10 Science Chapter 14 NCERT

1. Energy remains conserved during a physical and chemical reaction. Then why we still keep on finding new sources of energy?

  • a. Though energy is conserved, it is not always convertible.
  • b. A chemical reaction reduces energy output.
  • c. The storage of energy is not economical.
  • d. None.

2. A hydroelectric dam use _ _ _ _ energy of stored water to generate electrical power.

  • a. Kinetic energy
  • b. Nuclear energy.
  • c. Potential energy.
  • d. None.

3. When we burn a candle, we use _ _ _ _  energy of wax to get light and heat energy.

  • a. Electrical energy.
  • b. Chemical energy.
  • c. Potential energy.
  • d. Kinetic energy.

4. A reaction is exothermic when we get _ _ _ _ _ energy from the reaction.

  • a. Heat energy.
  • b. Chemical energy.
  • c. Electrical energy.
  • d. Kinetic energy.

5. Can we regain the candle after burning it?

  • a. Yes.
  • b. No.

6. Where the energy of a candle go afterburning?

  • a. Dissipated in the environment.
  • b. Converted into the mass.
  • c. Converted into heat.
  • d. A and C both as heat and light energy of a candle, later goes to the environment.

7. 0ºC (zero degree celsius) is actually:

  • a. 0ºK
  • b. 0ºF
  • c. 273ºK  
  • d. None.

8. Formula for converting ºC  to ºK is:

  • a. ºK = ºC + 275ºC 
  • b. ºK = ºC + 273ºC
  • c.  ºK = ºC
  • d. ºK = ºC – 273ºC

9. Formula for converting ºC  to ºF is:

  • a. 9/5 ºC  = ºF – 32
  • b. ºC  = ºF
  • c. ºF = ºC + 275ºC 
  • d. none.

10. Absolute temperature (0ºK) is:

  • a. -198ºC
  • b. 0ºC
  • c. -273ºC
  • d. None.

11. A good fuel is:

  • a. Cheap.
  • b. Easily available.
  • c. Clean.
  • d. All.

12. India depends mostly on _ _ _ _ to meet its energy demand.

  • a. Coal.
  • b. Hydroelectric dam.
  • c. Nuclear power.
  • d. Petroleum and natural gas.

13. Clean fuel means a fuel that:

  • a. look tidy.
  • b.can be filtered off.
  • c. is non-polluting.
  • d. None.

14. A thermoelectric plant converts _ _ _ _ _ energy of coal into electrical energy.

  • a. Chemical.
  • b. Potential.
  • c. Heat.
  • d. None.

15. Following is an example of biomass fuel.

  • a. broken twigs and branches of a tree.
  • b. Cow dung.
  • c. Crop residue.
  • d. All.

16. Bio-mass is a _ _ _ _ fuel while biogas produced from it is a _ _ _ _ fuel.

  • a. Polluting, clean.
  • b. Highly efficient, non-efficient.
  • c. Low efficient, High efficient
  • d. a and c both.
Sources of Energy MCQ Objective questions
The wind is renewable energy.

17. Following is/are examples of renewable energy:

  • a. Wind energy.
  • b. Hydro energy.
  • c. Solar energy.
  • d. All of the above.

18. Country of winds is :

  • a. Netherland.
  • b. Denmark.
  • c. Cambodia.
  • d. Switzerland.

19. Why we consider solar energy as a renewable source of energy.

  • a. Sun will provide energy for billions of years from now.
  • b. Sun is a permanent celestial body.
  • c. It is not considered renewable.
  • d. None.

20. Ocean thermal energy use the following principle::

  • a. There is a temperature difference between the surface of ocean water and deep water.
  • b. The heat produced from the volcano situated under the sea.
  • c. The thermal energy of ocean water.
  • d. None. 

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1. a9.a17.d
2. c10.c18.b


Sources of Energy MCQ Objective questions Class 10 Science Chapter 14 NCERT

Ref: Chapter 14, NCERT.

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