NCERT Science Class 6 Chapter 9 Activity Answers

The Living Organisms – Characteristics and Habitats Activity explanation

Activity 1 Chapter 9 Class 6

Activity 1 asks us to write the names of animals, plants, and objects found in various regions.


Many organisms are adapted for a specific climate. In mountains temperature is low, so snow leopard, sheep, yak prefer these regions.

The Living Organisms - Characteristics and Habitats Activity
Animals and plants in different regions.

Activity 2 Chapter 9 Class 6

Activity 2 asks us to germinate the moong seeds in various conditions and see if they sprout or not.


Seeds not soaked in water: Does not germinate

Soaked seed in:

Darkroom: Germinate well.

Sunlight: Does not germinate.

Ice: Does not germinate.

Submerged in water: Germinate but give a foul smell.

Inference: This activity shows us that abiotic factors like sun, air, temperature, and humidity play an important role in the growth of an organism.

Activity 3 Chapter 9 Class 6

Activity 3 asks us to put a polythene bag on a cactus plant and a normal plant and compare the result as we did in Activity 4 Chapter 7.

Answer: Cactus plant is adapted to the arid climate. It transpires very low amount of water. The leaf of cactus is modified into the spine and photosynthesis is done by the gree stem. So the number of water droplets in the bag of a cactus plant is very low as compared to a normal plant.

Activity 4 Chapter 9 Class 6

NCERT class 6 Science Chapter 9 Activity Explanation
Plant responds to light.

Activity 4 asks us to put a plant in a room away from the light and see what happens to its growth.

Answer: Plants use sunlight to prepare their food. So sunlight act as stimuli and plant grows in the direction of light.




Activity 5

Activity 5 asks us to grow a rose or Mehandi plant from cutting.

Answer: Some plants like rose, Mehandi guava, mango can grow from cutting. This a characteristic of some plants.

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The Living Organisms – Characteristics and Habitats Exercise Answers.

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