Acids like HCL, HNO3 are acidic but not the alcohols and glucose. Why?

Acids like HCL, HNO3, H2SO4 .. etc are acidic but not the alcohols and glucose. Why?

Acids like HCl, HNO3 are ionic compounds. In ionic compounds, electrons are permanently transferred to the electrophilic group. Transfer of electrons forms a cationic group and an anionic group. Both these groups are tied to each other by strong attraction forces. Polar solvents like H2O form a linkage with the cationic group and increase the stability of the system. In aqueous medium, acids like H+ of HCl, HNO etc form hydronium ion. Acidic nature is the result of this  H+ or Hydronium ion H3O+.

HA —> H+ + A

H+ +H2O —-> H3O+

Alcohol and glucose are covalent compounds. In these compounds, electrons are Shared among groups. A polar solvent like water does not encourage the release of H+ and form hydronium ion. As a result, we do not se acidic nature with alcohol and glucose.

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